Walt Disney Spirit Week and Food Drive

Walt Disney Spirit Week and Canned Food Drive

November 18-22, 2019

Are you ready to show your school spirit for a great cause? Then join in next week and participate in the annual Walt Disney Canned Food Drive! All canned food is donated to a local food pantry to help families in need this holiday and throughout the year!

  • Mismatched Monday – Bring in ONE canned good and wear your silliest socks and craziest clothes mismatched, backwards and all around silly!
  • Teddy Bear Tuesday – Bring in TWO canned goods and your favorite stuffed animal can join you at school for the day!
  • Wacky Hair Wednesday – Bring in TWO canned goods and show off your zaniest, most creative hair-do!
  • “Twin, Triplet, or Teacher” Thursday – Bring in ONE canned good and dress like your teacher OR coordinate with friends to wear similar outfits and hairstyles for the day!
  • Famous Person Friday – Bring in AS MANY CANNED GOODS AS YOU CAN and wear the stylings of your favorite real famous person (What would your real life hero, favorite athlete, or most-liked historical figure wear?)

The classroom that collects the most items will earn a HOT COCOA PARTY! There will be a winner in K-2 AND in 3-5!!!

Sponsored by ECHO Club (Encouraging Children to Help Others)