Fundraising Report (2016 – 2017)

As this school year come to an end, we would like to use this opportunity to highlight some of the fundraising effort we’ve done this year (2016-2017) and sample of how we’ve been allocating and distributing those funds.


  • Fall Fundraising – PTO raised $4,517.05 from the Nature’s Vision Fall Fundraising.
  • Enchanted Dance – The event generates a net of $4,505.94 in revenue. $1,050.75 of the revenue comes from the raffle of the gift baskets (Gift Basket’s items were courtesy of the generous donation from our parents). Revenue from this event benefits Relay for Life and PHM Foundation’s Silver-Mile Run.
  • Krispy Kreme Coupons Fundraising  – PTO raised $744 from the sale of the Krispy Kreme coupon.
  • Box Tops for Education – PTO raised $1,275.00 from the collection of Box Tops for Education.
  • Martin’s Advantage – PTO raised 14403 points from Martin’s Advantage.
  • Spring Fundraising – PTO raised $312.45 from the Varner’s Spring Flower Fundraising.

Fund Allocations:

  • Teacher Allocations – Up to date, a total reimbursement of $2,587.22 was granted to our teachers to help for their classroom supplies expenses.
  • Ice-Cream Social – PTO sponsored the event to welcome Walt Disney Elementary families in a Back to School festivities to meet their new teacher as well as reunite students with their classmates from previous year.
  • Staff Appreciation – PTO provided dinner and snacks for teachers during Parent Teacher Conference nights as they charged on from a long day of preparation and evening of meeting after meeting with parents. And as a token of appreciation to our teachers and staff members, PTO treated them for a week full of pampering during Staff Appreciation Week: Starting with Breakfast and Coffee Bar Monday, followed by Luscious Snacks Tuesday, Salad and Sandwich Bar Wednesday, Popcorn Party Thursday and ended with Sweat Treat Friday.
  • Parents Appreciation – PTO sponsored the annual Muffins with Mom and Donuts with Dad where our kids got to enjoy some breakfast time at school with those who support them most at home.
  • Silver Mile – PTO donated a total of $2472.00 of the revenue generated from the Enchanted Dance, Quarter War Fridays, and Dress Down Days for Teachers to the PHMEF Silver Mile. Our school got couple grants from the PHMEF Spring Grants: $597 iPod Touches for Walt Disney’s A/V Team and $250 Bike to Build Muscles! for Kindergarten. You can see a full list of PHMEF Spring Grants here and 2017 Silver Mile results here.
  • Relay for Life – PTO donated $1727.60 of the revenue generated from the Enchanted Dance event to the Relay-for-Life Foundation.
  • After-School-Tutoring – We spend $1500 to provide After-School-Tutoring program to support students who need the program.
  • Good Fellowships – We spend $100 to help our families in need, as well as providing the school Health Services with the clothing need.
  • Hospitality – We received generous snacks donations from parents for I-STEP. In addition to those donations, PTO spend $250 to provide snacks for our students during the weeks of I-STEP & I-STEP+ testing. We are also donating $200 to provide juices for PHM Summer Academies.
  • Spell Bowl T-Shirts – PTO and Student Council sponsored uniform T-Shirts used for Coaches and students participants for the 2015-2016 PHM Spell Bowl competition event. Walt Disney Elementary 4th Grade team was the champion on the PHM District Spell Bowl competition and 3rd Grade was tied in second place for the competition.
  • Girls on the Run – PTO donated $800 to the program, provided support for 2 teams (15 girls per team, Grade 3rd -5th). The Kiwanis Club of Mishawaka donated $200 for the sponsorship on behalf of Walt Disney’s girls. These donations help provide 40% of the total registration fee for the program.
  • Fifth Grade Fieldtrip – PTO subsidized $528 to help out 5th Grader have their last Fieldtrip hooray at Camp Eberhart. This fund was made possible from the Cici’s Pizza fundraising we held at the Fall Festival.
  • Red Ribbon Week – PTO sponsored material used to promote Drug Prevention program during the Red Ribbon Week.
  • Reading Incentive – PTO provided Ice Cream party prizes for the monthly reading challenge of and sponsored the reward festivity event to award students who met their yearly goal for the reading challenge taking them for a load of fun Bowling.
  • Box Tops Winners – PTO sponsored a Cereal and Popcorn Party for the winning classes for Box Tops collection. Prizes was also awarded to the Winning teachers.
  • Martin’s Advantage – PTO managed to get 6 new basketballs and 6 new flying disks for addition to the playground equipment. As bonus, we also got several climbing ladders courtesy of Martin’s Advantages Supermarket.

Student Council’s Restaurant Spirit Nights:

Our Student Council have been in the work this year hosting all the Restaurant Spirit Night events. Thanks to the support of all Disney Dolphin’s families, they have managed to accomplish lots of good things for the school:

Spell Bowl T-Shirts – PTO and Student Council sponsored uniform T-Shirts used for Coaches and students participants for the 2015-2016 PHM Spell Bowl competition event.

Recess Equipments – For this year, Student Council choose to fund the purchase of several recess equipment: basketballs, footballs, frisbees, soccer nets (huge hit!), chalks, and jump ropes.

Library – Student Council also donated $150 to be used for enrichment of reading material at the school library.

Needless to say that all the above will not be possible without the support from all the Walt Disney Elementary families, volunteers, and staff members. We can’t say Thank You enough for your support!

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