Friday Lunch


Every Friday, parents are encouraged to come in and have lunch with their student.  If you do decide to come in please know:

You will be asked for your identification.  A state issued photo ID is most common form of ID.  In the event you do not have one please contact the school office for other forms of ID accepted.  

Parents joining their children for meals are requested to abide by the Wellness Guidelines and not bring any fast food or other commercial foods into our school for their own consumption or the consumption of others. Please remember that we do not allow soda/energy drinks. Please be advised that visitors may not take photos or video of any child but their own. When visiting, please follow established school rules. Refrain from visiting staff members without an appointment. Visitors should dress in a manner considerate of the learning environment.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact the school or refer to the student handbook.

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