Culture Night 2017

Culture Night is coming to Walt Disney Elementary this Thursday (May 18th) from 6 – 8 PM. Please join us to enjoy and learn about the many cultures represented in our wonderful community!

Culture Night allows families to teach others about their heritage through art, history, storytelling, cooking, cultural items or artifacts, and performance. This special event truly showcases the beautiful diversity within PHM’s borders and serves as an authentic and inspiring celebration of unity.

As a parent, I look forward to taking my children to Culture Night and watching them learn about the music, food, and the cultures of their friends at Walt Disney. As a citizen of the United States and inhabitant of planet earth, I look forward to seeing my children change the world for the better by embracing those different from themselves and seeking to understand others.

If you signed up to help with Culture Night during the ice cream social this fall, please email immediately to find out the time and location you’ll be needed. It takes many hands to make such a fantastic gathering a reality!


Super Hearing

Teacher Appreciation Week at Walt Disney

Teacher Appreciation Week at Walt Disney

Dinner time at my house is like directing traffic, and it’s not because we are clamoring for brussel sprouts and meatloaf. I actually find myself holding up one hand to one child while waving my other child on to continue talking. We have to work at taking turns while we talk so that mom (that’s me) can listen to everyone and everyone feels adequately heard.

Usually the stories are fairly mundane—about how so and so made a mean joke or a funny face. Sometimes they are humorous, about how some kid tooted in line. Regardless, I have to work hard to turn on my super hearing and tune out the stress of my own work day, bills due, dishes in the sink, birthday party invites to be sent out, the list goes on.

Crystal Light Hydration Power Charging Station

Crystal Light Hydration Power Charging Station

This is why teachers and staff that work with our children amaze me. They have over 20 chatter boxes with them all day long—kids who are just waiting on pins and needles to tell them the next great thing that happened, will happen, or they imagine could happen. And teachers everywhere intentionally turn up their super hearing skills to listen for a few minutes, or even a few seconds.

Breakfast Bar

Breakfast Bar for our Superheroes

In turn, the children feel truly validated and valued. A grown up listened to them and their world is a bit brighter. Even better if that grown happens to be their grown up—their teacher, their librarian, their lunch lady, their parent.

There are many superheroes at Walt Disney, with super hearing powers. And this week, today in particular, we pause to thank them for their tireless listening and dedication to our children. We truly appreciate the hard work they do every single day.

If you haven’t yet, be sure to send in a treat or card to your child’s superhero!