Walt Disney Elementary’s Inaugural Dolphin Dash Color Run

Get Ready For the Inaugural Dolphin Dash Color Run on May 18th!  We welcome parents to join our students in the inaugural Dolphin Dash Color Run. We are looking for volunteers and parents to cheer. Sign up to volunteer here: http://www.signupgenius.com/go/60b0f4faca823a3fd0-dolphin.  We are looking for volunteers to help set up the morning of the race, to help students and classes during the race and to help clean up after the race. We are also looking for parents to run with their students and to cheer on everyone!  Its a great day to be a Dolphin!This PTO event will celebrate and promote wellness, as our students collect donations, and then do a color run during the school day on a marked course on Walt Disney Elementary grounds.

PTO is hoping to find community sponsors to help cover event costs, such as student event shirts  If you own, work for, or know a company that would be interested in helping sponsor our event please contact Anne Bolster at (574) 335-9979 or annebolster@gmail.com.

BoxTops: Grocery Saving and Tips for Bonus Points

Do you know that you can save on your groceries with BoxTops? If you have not already, check out the Coupons section at BoxTops for Education website to get printable or digital coupons. For example, they have over $125 worth of coupons for Meijer’s or Martin’s, over $100 for Rite Aid, and over $80 for Family Dollars when you buy all the different BoxTops products, ranging from cereals to laundry detergents, to health and beauty products.

Collecting Box Tops is part of our passive fundraising. It is an easy way to help the school earn money without having to spend anymore money than what you already spent in buying the products you are using. We will be having our Spring BoxTops competition soon. To get ready for the competition, we want you to start collecting now so you have plenty of time to clip them out and get them organized to turn in to your beloved teacher.

boxtopappTIPS: As you start hunting them, checkout BoxTops App for ways to earn Bonus BoxTops points. Use the app to get the list of products that are eligible for Bonus BoxTops and take a picture of your receipt. It is just that simple.

MORE TIPS: Scroll to the bottom of the offers list to see if your store (Meijers/Walmart/Family Dollar/Save A Lot/etc) have promotions for yet an extra 50 BoxTops if you buy a certain number of BoxTops product from them (Yes! That is 50 BoxTops on-top of the Bonus you will be collecting above.)

Now that you are on a roll, EXTRA TIPS: if you start feeling the heat and would like to give our school a chance to win 5000 Bonus BoxTops, you can enter yourself in the daily BoxTops Sweepstakes. (PS: If you win the Snacks Sweepstakes they have now, you – yourself will get Snacks Prize Pack…Win-Win-Win!!!)

So now we challenge you to do at least one (if not all) of the following:

  1. Collect, clip, and bag those BoxTops for the Spring BoxTops competition AND
  2. Get the Bonus BoxTops as you go racing on challenge #1
  3. Enter in the daily BoxTops Sweepstakes
  4. Save yourself some money in your groceries with all those coupons

PS: Your teacher will need a parent or guardian to sort and count the BoxTops for the classroom before they are being submitted. Please contact your teacher if you are able to help. Look for BoxTops collection sheet that will been sent home with your kid, print your own sheet using the template from here or here, or simply send them in a ziplock bag as is. (Collection Tips: leftover FrostKing double sided tape is my best-friend when it comes to BoxTops collection sheet…simply stick the tape to each box on the sheet and just peel off the other side as you find and cut more BoxTops)

Happy Grocery Shopping 🙂