BoxTops: Grocery Saving and Tips for Bonus Points

Do you know that you can save on your groceries with BoxTops? If you have not already, check out the Coupons section at BoxTops for Education website to get printable or digital coupons. For example, they have over $125 worth of coupons for Meijer’s or Martin’s, over $100 for Rite Aid, and over $80 for Family Dollars when you buy all the different BoxTops products, ranging from cereals to laundry detergents, to health and beauty products.

Collecting Box Tops is part of our passive fundraising. It is an easy way to help the school earn money without having to spend anymore money than what you already spent in buying the products you are using. We will be having our Spring BoxTops competition soon. To get ready for the competition, we want you to start collecting now so you have plenty of time to clip them out and get them organized to turn in to your beloved teacher.

boxtopappTIPS: As you start hunting them, checkout BoxTops App for ways to earn Bonus BoxTops points. Use the app to get the list of products that are eligible for Bonus BoxTops and take a picture of your receipt. It is just that simple.

MORE TIPS: Scroll to the bottom of the offers list to see if your store (Meijers/Walmart/Family Dollar/Save A Lot/etc) have promotions for yet an extra 50 BoxTops if you buy a certain number of BoxTops product from them (Yes! That is 50 BoxTops on-top of the Bonus you will be collecting above.)

Now that you are on a roll, EXTRA TIPS: if you start feeling the heat and would like to give our school a chance to win 5000 Bonus BoxTops, you can enter yourself in the daily BoxTops Sweepstakes. (PS: If you win the Snacks Sweepstakes they have now, you – yourself will get Snacks Prize Pack…Win-Win-Win!!!)

So now we challenge you to do at least one (if not all) of the following:

  1. Collect, clip, and bag those BoxTops for the Spring BoxTops competition AND
  2. Get the Bonus BoxTops as you go racing on challenge #1
  3. Enter in the daily BoxTops Sweepstakes
  4. Save yourself some money in your groceries with all those coupons

PS: Your teacher will need a parent or guardian to sort and count the BoxTops for the classroom before they are being submitted. Please contact your teacher if you are able to help. Look for BoxTops collection sheet that will been sent home with your kid, print your own sheet using the template from here or here, or simply send them in a ziplock bag as is. (Collection Tips: leftover FrostKing double sided tape is my best-friend when it comes to BoxTops collection sheet…simply stick the tape to each box on the sheet and just peel off the other side as you find and cut more BoxTops)

Happy Grocery Shopping 🙂

If you are holiday shopping, you can really use a SMILE.

Amazon Smile
Black Friday is over, but Cyber Monday is coming! If you are like me, this just means time to have all the fun of holiday shopping without the worry of getting stomped over.

That is why I love Amazon Smile. I can get what I need in the comfort of my own PJ. I don’t have to frantically looking around to make sure I still have all my children (and they have not been hurt or hurt anybody). I have my items shipped to my door in lightning speed (ok, maybe in 2 days…) and best of all, everything I purchase gives money back to Walt Disney PTO. Now, THAT is definitely something worth Smile-ing about!

There really is no catch, super easy to do, and you will be supporting our school every time you shop (without spending an extra dollar). Go to and select Walt Disney PTO as the organization you would like Amazon’s charitable giving to donate to on your behalf. Then, make sure anything you purchase is through (once you signed up, Amazon will even remind you to switch to whenever you get to their site). The prices and merchandise are exactly the same as far as I can tell.

May you find what you are looking for this Cyber Monday and happy shopping!!!

PTO Needs Talent

Image result for pto needs you

That is right, your PTO needs you!

“But….I don’t think I’m the PTO-type” you said? Well, We are here to tell you that this might be one of those rare time when you think wrong. Whatever your skill, whatever your talent, the chance is we probably need it to achieve our goal in making our kids educational experience that much more enjoyable, exciting and memorable. Help us do even more great things for our school! Find your type and raise your hand – or nominate somebody you think is a great fit for the role:

“I’m the leader of the pack” type

PTO wants you to be our next President! One or two of you can lead all the fun we have going on throughout the school year. We need your participation to carry on the torch of leading our pack to make sure that our cubs get the best experience they can get. Get involve now and we’ll train you so you will be ready when the time comes. We promise there will be no 4AM wake up calls with horn during the training period.

“I’m Robin, not Batman” type:

Well, it takes falling to the bat cave and not to mention – practice time, to become Batman. Maybe you just don’t like the spotlight and want to run things behind the scene? We get the perfect spot (without so much light) for you: The Vice President position. You’ll be working alongside our fearless leader(s), take part of the decision making process, be the leader’s stunt double from time to time. But don’t worry, you only need to wear the cape when your kid insist.

“I got all the pages in my child’s baby book filled out and a stack of Thank you notes always handy” type:

You just love to document everything, from your kids’ first steps to what you eat yesterday. You never miss sending Thank You notes for the people who come to your kids birthday party. You are good at multi tasking  – especially for listening and writing/typing at the same time. You were the star of the typing class and took stenography for fun in College (this one kind of reveal my age, doesn’t it?) The point is: we have the perfect role for you: The Secretary. You’ll get to put your stellar record-keeping skills and attention to detail to good use.

“I got all the function in Excel memorized and never need an overdraft protection from my bank” type:

If your guilty pleasure is to categorize expenses and you are sub-consciously do not like the color red because it doesn’t feel right to have it associated with numbers that is titled “Balance”, then you have what it takes to be our Treasurer. Bonus points if you still have receipt from your purchases back in College.

“I live to blog, I can put any situation on writing” type:

Joomla, Drupal, Magento, Edublog, WordPress, Smores….if you know of and have used more than 2 of those, have the passion to write about events in an informative, fun and family friendly tone, know the difference between G, PG, PG-13, R, and NC-17 content ratings are AND most importantly can stick to G/PG, then we need you to fill in the big shoes of being our PTO Blog WebMaster or Blog Contributors.

“I just love throwing party” type:

Do your neighbors, friends and family come to you for advice in how to organize for their kids’ birthday party? If so, you are needed to serve as our Event Coordinator/Committee Chair. As you know, one of the perks of having a PTO at school is we get to have tons of activities and events for our kids and the school communities in general. Events like Fall Festival, Enchanted Dance, Family Fun Nights, Staff Appreciation all need to have that one or two person(s) to lead and organize. Not to worry, you will not have to do the whole thing yourself, we have other wonderful parent volunteers who are always ready to help, you’ll just be the ones keeping all the puzzle pieces together. 

“Give me a comb and a shampoo and have me sell it to a Buddhist monk” type:

Not afraid to strike up a conversation with a stranger, yet understand that other parents have many time constraint and that PTO do not work on commission? We’re looking for a Volunteer Coordinator to recruit and organize helpers for PTO programs and events. You can help other parents find the best way to plug in to our school community with whatever talent or resources they have.

Join the team or nominate someone by filling out our nomination form here.