An Enchanted Evening

It’s time for dressing up and going out–to Walt Disney that is–for this years 6th Annual Semi-Formal Enchanted Dance!

When: March 24th 6:30 to 8:30 pm
Where: Walt Disney
Who: Walt Disney Students & Guardians
How: Purchase tickets ahead of time, or at the door
What: Dancing, Refreshments, Pictures, Limo Rides!

Make it a special evening for your little one by helping them pick a fancy outfit and practicing a few dance moves in the living room.

And, we can’t forget the thrilling raffle of some very special baskets with themes ranging from beach to baking. Last year’s baskets are pictured here (cue the ooh’s and awe’s…these were gorgeous)!

Poppin’ for Box Tops

It’s that time of the year….Box Top time! This weekend, go through your pantry and clip off all the Box Tops you can find. Check the expiration date on the bottom of the Box Top to make sure it hasn’t expired, and if not, send them in with your child marked with his or her teacher’s name. The classroom with the most Box Tops will win a popcorn party!

And, what’s better, really than crunchy, warm, slightly salty and delicious popcorn?

Nothing that I can think of, except maybe the satisfied grin on your kid’s face when they realize that they helped their class win.  

If you want to go the extra mile for your child, consider downloading the Box Top App  on your phone and try it out when you grocery shop tomorrow (yea, it’s free). Here are the details, from the Box Tops 4 Education Website:

  1. Browse and select offers within the App; then purchase those participating products at any store.
  2. Upload your receipt using the App.
  3. We’ll confirm your purchase via e-mail and credit your school’s account for any offers you selected and qualified for.

You can view the credits you’ve earned for your school on the “My Activity” tab in the App or by visiting “My School Earnings” at

We came up with this simple How It Works guide to show you how it’s done. You can also skip right to the photo-taking tips.

Note: You must be – or become – a member of Box Tops for Education to use the Box Tops Bonus App, so that we know which participating school to award the Bonus Box Tops to. Simply register in the Box Tops Bonus App or visit to become a member.

New to the Box Tops for Education Program? Learn all about it at

Real People Love Donuts

Actual Krispy Kreme Doughnuts

We spent about 5 minutes after dinner tonight filming (on my phone) my little first grader as she chirped on and on about how delicious Krispy Kreme Doughnuts are.

After reviewing the video, and laughing a good bit at her crazy hair, weird outfit, and spaghetti-sauce mustache, we emailed it out to friends and family with this simple message:

“We’re selling Krispy Kreme Gift Certificates. $8 for one dozen original glazed donuts, redeemable at your leisure and all proceeds go to support Walt Disney Dolphins!  Email me or text me how many certificates you want.”

Actual Child Eating Actual Krispy Kreme Doughnut

By nine o’clock I had three orders from doting aunts and uncles!

My hunch is that the video was what sold it, or perhaps my pithy email, or maybe it’s because donuts are just really delicious and $8 for a dozen is a great deal.

Don’t forget to get your video out to friends and family, and get your order into Walt Disney PTO by February 13th.

This leads me to another tasty tidbit. Donuts with Dad, our annual event honoring the great work that Dads do every day, has been tentatively scheduled for February 22nd and 23rd, so we hope all dads can sneak away to enjoy a little treat with their kids this February. Here’s to making some sweet memories! 🙂